I know some of you don’t know me but here’s a fun game anyone can’t help falling in love with. It's only make believe. Maybe you can find all the song titles contained in all of this that are also listed above on my song list. Tell us the correct amount at our next concert and get my CD free. That would be wonderful tonight. I know this all sounds like something stupid but if someone is with you honey don’t let him help you, he’ll have to go. You must do this on your own. If only you can, I can help you and you can help me make it through the night too. Remember, it’s not the end of the world. You can for a while make the world go away ‘cos your daddy’s home if you let it be me and my band. That’s right. If you bring it on home to the oldies, you would fly me to the moon. Are you lonesome tonight and in the mood for some old time rock and roll? Do wanna dance and do you have a burning love for music sometimes in the still of the night? Do you want to come home to the 50's? Whether you’re a rockin’ little mama who loves to dance or a rebel rouser who is looking for his angel baby with a thousand stars in her baby blue eyes that he can ask can I have this dance? There’s always me and my band with music you can wrap those crazy arms around. Before you accuse me of anything, the very thought of you reminds me you’ve been in a sleep walk and just walkin’ after midnight like me looking for a place to go. Well, welcome to my world. You know, I fall to pieces knowing that we can rock around the clock for the good times too. You belong to me and we belong together. All us 50’s & 60’s music lovers belong together and have a good time at our concerts, so don't be cruel, bring your friends and come on down and runaway to our next concert somewhere over the rainbow and "Boogie, Woogie" with us.
Good luck!

Joseph (Trumpet)   Greg (Bass)   Bucky (Drums)   Joe (Guitar, Vocals)   Patrick (Sax)

Joe Neumann & The Big Beat 

Golden Oldies Oldies Band

                                                                     " IN CONCERT 2019 "

Greg (Bass),       Joseph (Trumpet),       Bucky (Drums, Vocals),       Patrick (Tenor Saxophone),       Joe (Guitar, Vocals)      

New Songs Added For 2019:
Elvis Medley starting with Elvis 2001 Space Odyssey Introduction then into CC Rider, The Wonder Of You, Blue Suede Shoes,

I Need Your Love Tonight, Don't Be Cruel, Return To Sender, and end with All Shook Up. Also added The Stroll, Mack the knife, At The Hop, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Love's Been Good To Me,  I Don't Know Why I Love You But I Do, Que Sera Sera, Never Ending Song Of Love, Tennessee Waltz, You Are My Sunshine, The Very Thought Of You, Suspicion, Crazy, And I Love You So, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, Sukiyaki.

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Thank you!

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