Guess who? Peek-a- boo, I see you! This is where I get to tell you about myself. My full name is Joseph M. Neumann, born in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I guess the moment that really encouraged me to pursue a career in music was when I was given an opportunity to perform at a beauty pageant in 1978 at the Klein Memorial Auditorium in Connecticut. I was a featured performer. This was my first really big event for me. My Mom did attend this event I was performing at. I was scheduled to only sing one song which was "Welcome To My World." I was also backed up by the orchestra band for my song. When I came out to perform with my guitar, the whole auditorium was pitch black and I couldn't see anyone at all in the audience. I could only see where I was on the stage because of a low light spot light. After I sang the song I heard a huge overwhelming applause. Then the lights went on. What a surprise! I was shocked. The whole auditorium was packed solid with people who stood up and gave me a long loud applause. I was overwhelmed. I'm glad my Mom was there. She was so proud of me.

       When I decided to put up my website, I thought it would be nice if I had "Welcome To My World" on my home page welcoming people to my website. 
       I am the youngest of my two other brothers. See picture below of my brother John singing "Your Cheating Heart" and playing guitar. Johnny Cash sounded a lot like my brother John.


My Mom was the best Mom ever. See picture below of me (Joe) my Mom and my brother Steve on the right. 

We all had a very difficult time through the years. My Mom brought us up alone on her own because she was physically abused by some "thing" that was supposed to be a man and had to leave "it" for our safety and hers. If you notice I didn't designate this "thing" as a man because "it" wasn't. Never met "it", never wanted to. Anyway my Mom raised us on her own and did a great job. My Mom did have brothers and sisters who were married and doing very well in their homes but never reached out to help their own sister (my Mom). This upset me and affected me so much I even wrote a song about them called, "We Got By". My Mom and my two brothers have since passed on. I am currently working on a book about my journey through life. There were a lot of hard times and good times.

       Getting on with my story... music has always been a part of me. I could never really be "me" without music in my life. For me, without music, I would just be going through life "empty." Songs I heard and have written, weren't just songs. They had special meaning to me. Songs I wrote and Iistened to  were singing to me about my life's ups and downs. I started my musical career at the age of 11 years old in the 60’s when I was inspired by groups from the 50’s to the Beatles and Elvis.There were so many bands I have had through the years and events I have performed at  that I am only mentioning some of them and photos that I have performed at. Everything I have done with my music was important to me but this could end up being too much to talk about. The first band I ever formed was called "The Spades". I've tried for many years to try to get someone to help me with my musical career and listen to some of the songs I've written with no success. The record companies I sent my material to didn't even want to be bothered. Later I bumped into an older man named Harold. He told me, "Joe, it's not what you know... it's who you know." Harold went to a lot of  concerts where country artists were performing and had a backstage press pass to interview and photograph the artists. He use to bring me along on a lot of these events. I remember meeting the below National Recording Artists. See pictures below of Johnny Cash's brother Tommy Cash, Penny DeHaven and Dick Curless who were nice enough to let me go up on stage and perform a song.

A lot of the songs I have written, I wrote in my van. See picture below taken in 1980. Notice I had plenty of coffee and donuts and was comfy.

I use to drive down to the park. See park entrance photo taken below in 1980 on a stormy night I was going there to write.

I had a particular area that was always "my spot" by the water. I use to spend a lot of time there writing my songs. I really enjoyed working on my songs there on days and nights that were windy, rainy, stormy, even snowy days. That was the best relaxing time for me to write and think. I usually was the only one there. Sometimes I still go down there and I would feel right at home. Unfortunately my van is gone.

See pictures of "my spot below".

       I recently obtained a film copy from a TV producer friend of mine from their Backstage Archives of a 1979 TV performance I did on “Backstage” before I went into the studio for the very first time to record two of my original songs I wrote, Love’s Little Heartaches and It Can Happen Anytime Of The Day. Other original songs I performed included in this performance are: Someone Special, The Ways Of Love, Love Blues and Love’s Little Heartaches. This performance was only of me singing and playing guitar and was made prior to me forming my band. Care was taken to reproduce this performance as best possible.

There is a short 3 second visual drop out during my interview that cannot be recovered at this time but all the audio is still heard. The rest of my performance is all intact and can be found on YouTube.      

       One of my early songs I wrote in 1976 was about the games the typical boyfriend/girlfriend couple play on each other when a problem comes up in their relationship that they are willing to play on each other right to the very end of their relationship. I was aware of these games when they were happening in my relationships and would not play them. The song is on my "Original Songs Downloads" page and is called "Life Must Go On" which is about the "life" in your relationship that must go on.

       I've been getting a lot of emails about how I go about writing my songs and where the ideas of my lyrics come from and how long it takes me to write a song especially from people who are  just starting to write songs. There are many ways the idea of a song comes to me. Usually it's about a memory or experience I had and involves a lot of and feelings and sometimes my song would start to come to me by my mood which would trigger a certain way I play a chord and then my song would start to evolve from there. Best thing to do is find a place where you can think freely with no pressure. For example you can see "my spot" with the above pictures is where I went. Then just start thinking about things and start strumming some chords. You'll be amazed at what starts to develop. I would find the main idea or sound of my song and then it starts to develop with more words and chords as I continue playing. I have sometimes written a song in a day.

       My Mom told me that when

I was born that I was born with a "veil" and that I'm a "true and honest" person. My Mom made a point of making sure that I was aware of this. She gave me a very old news article that she saved for me for many years about people that were born with a veil. See part of article below. Maybe this has also influenced my music and the way I write my songs.

I was curious about the above so I did some online research and found some information that I copied and pasted below about this:

A “veil” also known as a "caul," is a rare occurrence that appears in only 1 out of every 80,000 births. A newborn with a caul was (and still is) thought to have special talents and amazing powers, and is therefore held in high esteem among many cultures throughout history. Caulbearers often have supernatural abilities. Many can predict. Caulbearers were considered "kings by right," because of their leadership and judgment abilities. Babies born with a caul are also considered to be extremely lucky and were seen as good omens. A veil is an additional tool of awareness that some souls on this Earth carry with them to see the non-physical slate of creation. Someone born with a veil can usually see beyond the physical realm and into the realm of potential creation, using a variety of non-physical senses and being born with a veil is a sign of special destiny and abilities.

Below is a picture of a good friend of mine Amy Grant. Amy is a well known Christian singer, songwriter who has recorded over a dozen Christian albums. I was invited to attend her concert at the Radio City Music Hall in New York. I took this picture of her after her rehearsal before her concert when we were going for lunch.

"The Worst Of Times"


       All the songs I have written are about my memories and actual life experiences. The "best" example of this I have is from a past experience I had below. Some of the songs I wrote about this are mentioned below and are posted on my "Original Songs" page located at the top of this page.

       And so it begins...

       As I continued down my musical career, I thought it would be a good idea to actually record a couple of my songs and make a record and try to get the radio stations to play my songs.

       It was during this time that I met someone that I wish that I never met. This gal "acted" sincere to me and

was into music like me. I thought we had it all like the Bogie & Bacall song, "Key Largo". I thought she was a good gal but I was so wrong. She was bad,

I didn't know it. Her big smile never showed it. This "happy time?" in my life inspired me to write the songs, "Summertime In Our Lives" and "My Woman Is Mine" and "Cos' You Know" that are posted on my above "Original Songs" page.

       Then suddenly in 1979 my Mom started to get sick and had to be admitted into the hospital. Things then started to fall apart for me. I couldn't handle this. I was very upset and confused and lost direction of my life and didn't care about anything for a little while and the gal didn't care what I was going through.

       I decided to push forward with my recording plans because my Mom would have wanted that so I went into the recording studio for the very first time and I recorded two of my songs. The first of my original songs that I recorded was recorded in 1981 called “Love’s Little Heartaches” and "It Can Happen Anytime Of The Day". A lot of work, money and effort went into this project with no success. I remember stopping by my home town radio station WICC in Connecticut and talking to WICC and being given a very difficult time when I asked if WICC would play my record even though I had performed at numerous fund raising events through the years that their radio station was also apart of. 

I also remember radio station WDJZ in Connecticut that was run by Frank Derak who knew me from some of the fund raising events I had performed at. He was very kind to me and played my record often on WDJZ radio.

       As bad as everything was already going for me at that time in my life because I was worried about my Mom, I was performing at a beauty pageant at the Klein Memorial Auditorium in Connecticut. After I performed I was backstage and I was introduced to a crazy gal who wanted to meet me by her boyfriend who was supposed to marry her. She became obsessed with me and started stalking me for two months. I remember the problems John Lennon had caused by a stalker. She found out where I lived and when she saw I had a gal she stopped at my home late at night and would shout out on my porch and wouldn't leave until I let her into my house to talk to her. I thought it would be best to talk and reason with her to leave me alone but she just wouldn't go away! I didn't know what to do about her to make her go away. If I knew about restraining orders I would have had her arrested. One night when she stopped at my house her boyfriend followed her. It was good to finally see him again. I told him that his girl was harassing me and she broke up my relationship. He apologized then they both left and she never came by again. Good riddance!
       The gal I was seeing actually became "jealous" of the stalker and was very unfair to me        I got no help or advice from her on how to get rid of the stalker but I got "all" the blame for the stalker being there. I wrote the song "Are You Still Mine" because "she then started treating me very badly". Her girl best friend called me one night and told me that my gal doesn’t know that she’s calling me but wanted me to know that she and my gal are out on a date with two guys and if I drove to the diner by my house that I would see my gal there with another man. She laughed then hung up. When I got to the diner I found her with another man. She got very mean and nasty to me because I actually saw her with another man cheating on me. I wanted to take her home but the "slut" refused to come with me and told me that she was going home with him. I'd be at home         and she would be out whoring around with other guys. You can see that I included what happened at the diner in my song, "Hey Joe, I'm Joe" along with a few other things that happened from then in this song that I have posted on my above "Original Songs" page.

       I always sensed that her mother and her girl best friend were jealous of me and they wanted us to break up and they took advantage of my situation to do their best to convince her that I           was a bad guy so she would leave and during that time when I tried to contact her to help me with all the problems that were happening between us, I sent "lots" of flowers and letters to her house and got no response back from her, instead her mother "actually" drove to my house. Do you think it was to talk to me and find out from me what's going on and try to help me about being depressed about my sick Mom and advise me

on what to do about the stalker? No such luck! Her mother came down and was very mean and nasty to me and "treated me very badly" and also said, "I don't see what my daughter sees in you" and "I threw out all the flowers and letters you sent my daughter. She never got them" and "don't you call her anymore" and a few other things. She must have felt better finally saying all the things she always wanted to say to me. I said nothing back to her. Then she drove off. I wrote a song called "Flowers And Letters" about this. I also wrote a song about  her mothers visit to me at my house  and what else actually happened on my song "Hey Joe, I'm Joe" posted on my "Original Songs" page. It's all "true and honest" just like "all" my songs. After her mothers comments to me and visit to my house I was so depressed from what her mother said that I then started to go  out once in a while to a bar by myself to try to get away from  all of this. I didn't like bars and I only went to the bar to drink to try to escape things for awhile. It didn't help at all and I only felt worse because it made me think even more about my problems and I didn't even want to be there but where else could I go?  

              "Her girl best friend" showed up one night at a bar I was at. I was  surprised when she said hi and sat next to me and bought me a drink. She started talking to me and told me that her friend isn't good enough for me and that I should leave her and find someone better then smiled. She then started to get "too friendly" with me and she got real mad and embarrassed when everyone at the bar laughed at her when I pushed her away and told her to leave me alone as I got up to go home. As I was leaving she laughed and told me that I’m in real trouble now because she called her and told her that I'm at a bar and that she asked her, "is he with someone?" I wonder if she told her that "she" bought me a drink and that "she" was trying to pick me up? Some best friend? I then wrote the song, "Pour Me Another Glass Of Wine" about me          going to the bar. 

       I remember that during that time while my Mom was in the hospital she became very sick and her condition became terminal. My brother and his wife moved then divorced and I lost track of my brother because he became homeless. I became very depressed, lonely, stressed out, and overwhelmed all at the same time.

I had to slow things down that were happening to me in my life at that time and when I had to put the plans the gal and I had made on hold for a little while the gal just left and then my Mom passed on. The gal only thought of herself and didn't care at all about what I was going through. I wrote the song, "Running From Love" about the above. This was the worst time period in my life and I was a wreck. All at the same time my Mom was sick in the hospital and terminal, my relationship was being destroyed by a stalker, my brother and his wife moved then divorced and I lost track of my brother because he became homeless, the gals mother stopped at my house and was very mean and nasty and also told me to stay away from her daughter, I found the gal cheating on me with another man and then she left me for another man just when I needed someone because my Mom then passed on and I was left alone to deal with all the above by myself.

       Just to be mean she then called and left the song "Separate Lives"on my answering machine. Later on I got an "obscene prank" phone call from her and her girl friend. I knew it was her because I recognized her voice in the background when she was talking and laughing. I talked briefly then hung up on her. Not very nice of her.

       I was a mess during that time but I pushed myself to perform and started a rockabilly band called Joe Neumann & the Tornadoes. Performing and rehearsing helped keep me from thinking about things.

       I enjoyed going to Straycat concerts until she started showing up so I stopped going to them. I wrote the songs, "Lead Me On", "Shiney Hiney", and "Your Mine" posted on my "Original Songs" page.

       She also took away her little sister that was "so special to me like a daughter" that has now grown up now that I recently got hugs from when I ran into her unexpectedly after many, many, many  years. I use to love to take her out on Halloween and carry her through the haunted houses when she was small. She use to get real scared and held on to me real tight. Missed it very much. Soooo nice seeing the little one again and getting those special hugs again! I could see it in her eyes that she remembered me and missed me too. I told her I was so sorry I couldn't be there for her as she was growing up. I can only imagine the lies they told the little one about me.

       I never asked anyone about the gal but a guy that I never met before but knew who I was showed up after one of my concerts. He said that they lived together so we talked for a while and he also said that she is "odd". Friends of mine that know her, and some of her friends, told me she really messed up her life when she cheated on me and later on when she cheated on the other guys she was with. They said that everyone knew that she's a "narcissist" that liked to be "admired" and that she's desperate to be married because she knew she's getting weathered and droopy looking and that she has become a much "older looking woman" and she is terrified about growing old alone by herself with no one to take care of her and she would settle for anyone that would marry her before she got too old then no one would want her. They said that she's a homewrecker and adulteress and even goes whoring after men that belong to other women and she always works at jobs that a lot of guys visited so she could flirt and make new guy friends. Devoted to no one she quickly moves on and lays with one guy then the next guy and she does her best to the guys to show them what a good wife she could be to the next lucky guy who will have her in case the guy she is currently with doesn't work out she will always have another guy that can be with her. They said she has a lot of guy friends that she always goes off to be with when she is mad or upset about something or she just wanted to be "comforted". When I was told that all the guys knew she is "easy" and that one of her Jamaican friends got engaged to her just to have sex with her and when they were done with her, he dumped her, I didn't believe it was actually her that they were talking about until they showed me pictures of her and they said that she is known by the "pig" nickname "Miss. Piggy" and she should be ashamed and embarrassed of herself. Prov. 30:20. That's why I wrote the verse, "You're gonna run, you're gonna hide, you're gonna feel sick inside.... You're gonna wish that you were home" in my song "My Hands Are Tied" and why I wrote the verse, "Look at what they're doin' to you, like a flower in spring they'll just pull you apart until no petals remain" in my song "Running From Love". Rev. 2:4

       I found out that she's a "user" and is only interested in "taking care of herself" and because of her narcissistic personality disorder

she blames everyone but herself when things go wrong and she lacks empathy for others. She is not the person she presents herself to be and she is not "devoted or honest" to you, a promiscuous woman you can't trust that you'll always wonder who's she's sneaking off to be with. Once a cheater always a cheater.

       On the night that she left all of a sudden "she hated me and turned on me" and "she treated me so badly"
I just looked at her until she finished her yelling and then she stomped off to her Gran Torino and drove away to one of the guys she has been sneaking off to see. I had enough of her lies and cheating"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road".

       Looks like all her plans didn’t work out and she was never happy with my replacements that she found, hungry mongrels that she signed up with that are sniffing for leftovers like her on the floor. When people "treat you badly", it will "always" return back to them someway later in their own life. I wrote the songs, "It's Just Another Christmas Again" and "The Lonely Xmas Tree" posted on my "Original Songs" page. Years later when I heard that she was dead I then avoided everyone that knew her so they would stop annoying me. I ended up moving to New York and bought a house there.

       There was another article that my Mom saved for me. Maybe this was a warning for me. See article below.


... and so it ends.

       I have written some of my songs from this time in my life. Some of them are posted on my above "Original Songs” page. I call these songs, my“K” Series Of Songs". After going through all of the above memories again, I should have been named "Job" from the Holy Bible. I also wrote the song "Stupid Me" which makes a fitting ending song from this time in my life of the "Pages Of My Memories...
The above is the "best" example where some of my songs come from. Now do the "Hokey Pokey" and turn yourself around, cos' that's what their all about!

Job 1:6, 2Thes 2:11-12

       Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan also came among them. The LORD said to Satan, “From where do you come?” Satan answered the LORD and said, “From roaming about on the earth and walking around on it.”

For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness. We know that we are of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord,

God Almighty
Early in the morning my song shall rise to Thee

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by Joe Neumann

Prov. 31:1
An excellent wife, who can find?
For her worth is far above jewels.
The heart of her husband     trusts in her,
And he will have no lack of gain.
She does him good and not evil
All the days of her life.

Isaiah 40:8

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the Word of God stands forever.

 Joseph (Trumpet)     Patrick (Tenor Sax)

                                  1975 Gretsch 7603                                    1973 Gibson L6S

"The Best Of Times"

"Time marches on, the wind blows on"

        I got on with my life and music career once all the extreme stress and confusion I had in my life was gone. It was a good feeling to be myself again and I was back and on track! "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" and "Hello Marylou". "I'm Still Standing" and it's time to Rock & Roll again!

       The GOD of Israel took notice of me and blessed me and my life. I met a "good woman" that I married that is “true and honest” to me and I had two beautiful sons with her.


I became a full time freelance musician making "a lot" more money writing jingles for commercials, doing studio work and collaborating with other songwriters than I ever did working at my old job. I also had a Christian radio program ministry that I also produced and I have written about 12 Christian gospel songs. I have posted two of them on my "Original Songs" at the top of the page along with the original copies of these songs and chords I wrote down at that time. One is called, “ I Am Your Child”, which is a Pro-Life song about a baby in the mother’s womb talking to the mother. The other song is about Adam speaking to Eve and is called, “Adam Say Eve".

       I started another band which I continued to call Joe Neumann & the Tornadoes that I later changed to Joe Neumann & the Big Beat which has gone through many changes through the years but I always had my good friend Bucky performing with me playing drums and singing harmony. One of the nicest concerts I had the pleasure to perform at was with Bill Haley’s Comets in Fishkill, New York. The drummer is now in charge of the band because Bill Haley passed away.

I also had an audition for "America's Got Talent", and met with Simon Cowell who introduced me to a recording executive. I gave him a copy of some of my original songs on CD.

I was contacted by him and met with him at a "private" recording studio in New York to lay down some studio recordings of some of my songs. We made really good recordings. He took copies of the recordings with him and said he will be in touch.

     I then got a call from the New York studio again to work on commercial jingles. I was told that I have a unique way of writing lyrics and music.

        I like to perform mostly close by home in New York. I am currently performing at concerts and shows in the New York and Connecticut areas with my band the Big Beat. My sons 

are also performing with me. Joseph solos and plays trumpet and joins in with the playing and Patrick also solos and plays tenor saxophone and joins in with the playing. See photos below.

I’m very proud of them. They both graduated from College. Joseph was an Honors Student and Majored in Physics and Math. Patrick was an Honors Student and Majored in Marine Biology and Psychology. I wouldn’t have missed having kids for the world. They have "always" come first in my life. The worst person in the world is a "deadbeat dad". They run away from their responsibilities and only take real good care of themselves.


I am working on a compilation album of all my songs and have written over 80 songs. I  have also been recording and producing my songs myself at my home studio.

       I have recently written a song 

called "Rockin' Little Mama". This song describes the "typical 50's looking and dancing gal" that is ready to roll and is a type of swing song with a touch of Jerry Lee Lewis and

rock-a-billy added. I currently have a few of my original songs available to share with you "FREE" on my album for downloading. All you have to do is go to "" and put in

Joe Neumann Music in the search.

The downloads are totality free and easy to download.  

       A couple of my song commercial jingles that I have written and recorded for a couple companies during one of my sessions at the studio in New York have been aired on TV and radio. I was also introduced to Brian Setzer who happened to be there recording in one of their studios.

       I've been playing a long time now. Nothings has changed with me through the years. I never really did pay attention to time very much as it was going by. I play better and sing better. I'm a little older now but still "charming and adorable". I have some difficulty seeing peoples faces at a distance. I still think and act the same way I always have, still immature and silly which is good for us rock & rollers and oh yeah, I still gots my hair! 

       I'm really having a great time performing and doing the music which has always been a part of me that I have been doing all my life. I can't imagine not doing this in my life. Without it, I would be living a "fake life". I just wouldn't be me or living the life that's me.

       I take a break whenever possible 

while I'm working at the recording studio. I always have a lot of ideas on songs that I work on at home that I bring back with me to the studio for my own songs and for other musicians songs. I also do some guitar work and backing vocals on other musicians recording. We all got a surprise visit from Joe Walsh from the Eagles band at the studio. He invited us all to go with him out to lunch with his group and then we went with him and his group to Mohegan Sun in his tour bus for the VETS Rock Concert that he was playing at. He's a real nice guy. I met a lot of new friends with music connections and got a few invites.

Joe Walsh told me he also produces

records and knows Ringo Starr and played in his band. We all had a lot of jamming and hang out time after the show and over that whole weekend. I’ve been meeting a lot of musicians and friends since I’ve been recording at the New York studio. I’m glad I never made it big. I like to be able to go out wherever I want to and play at concerts and do shows without all the pressure.

      A few interesting things happening. My original songs have slowly been getting around to other agents in the music industry and I've been getting a few nibbles at a few of my songs. Especially three of them. "The Lonely Xmas Tree," and "Pour Me Another Glass Of Wine" and "It's Just Another Christmas Again" are being checked out by a few country artists. One of them I heard is Willie Nelson. 

       I have been receiving so many emails. I will eventually respond to each one individually. Here are a few responses to some emails questions I keep getting asked. I do prefer my solo performances over my full band performances because there isn’t so much pressure performing solo and they are a lot more personal and have smaller crowds. I also like playing Gretsch vintage guitars. I use a Roland GR30 guitar synthesizer when I perform and I play it live while I play my guitar. My favorite movie is

"Stars In My Crown". Places I like are going to vinyl record shows, guitar shows, flea markets, visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. I like plain strawberry filled donuts, and I "love" the smell of Tabu perfume from the 1950’s and I can recognize it anywhere if someone is wearing it. I have blue eyes and I’m old enough to know better. My dream night out would me being at my spot on a starlit summer night along the shore with a warm breeze softly blowing, enjoying strawberry doughnuts with a cup of coffee.  

       I have an agent now I met at the studio in New York. He wants me to do some concerts performing "only my original songs" "Solo". He's working on some upcoming future bookings.

       My "Pages Of My Memories "solo" 

performances of only my original songs have been great! I've been meeting a lot of nice people. I also explain why I wrote each one of my songs before I play each one like "Hey Joe, I'm Joe", "Someone Special", "Summertime In Our Lives", "Lead Me On", "Your Mine", "Flowers And Letters", and "Cos' You Know". They really enjoyed my story on my song "Stupid Me", especially when I told them it's all about stupid me.

       Once in awhile I stop at "My Spot" where I wrote a lot of my songs. It brings back a lot of old memories and nice times.

       I also did a concert in New York at the Central Park Naumburg Bandshell where I debut my original songs. I met a lot of new friends and artists. I also ran into some old "close" friends. They still call me "Joey". I haven't been called that name for a long time.

       I had a great time backstage with Brian Setzer at his show at the Foxwoods Resort Casino. Glad he gave me the backstage passes.

       My agent visited me at the New York studio and gave me 4 free passes to attend the welcoming in of the New Year on a private boarding Cruise party for the Pier Pressure New York New Year’s Eve Fireworks Cruise. There was live bands and dancing, food, open bar. I was introduced to a lot of musicians and celebrities.

       I just finished rerecording a song of mine at the New York studio called, "Out Steppin' In My Old Blue Jeans" which I wrote years ago. My agent just presented it to a company that makes blue jeans that are interested in using it for a commercial.

       I'll be spending a few quiet weeks at home recording and hanging out 

and playing some of my "original songs" with an old friend of mine Tommy Cash who will be visiting me for a few weeks. I met him in 1979. We have been friends since then for a long time. He's Johnny Cash's brother.

       I also bumped into Brian Setzer at the New York recording studio he gave me 4 backstage passes for his concert with the Stray Cats at The Rooftop at Pier 17 in New York. I've been to Brian's shows recently. It was fun backstage and watching the entire show from backstage again. Best concert ever. He gave me 3 of his guitar picks he used during his concert and then attended a really great party celebration after the concert .

       During my recording session in New York, Brian's manager told me that Brian was forced to cancel his 16TH annual Brian Setzer Orchestra "Christmas Rocks" tour because he has a severe case of "tinnitus" which is is a loud high pitched sound that is heard in your ears all the time and is caused from playing a loud guitar. Brian told me he had this problem but

I didn't know it was that bad. Since it was cancelled, all of us at the studio put together a surprise New Year's party for Brian at his house. It was a blast. Best New Year ever!

        Both of my Saturday, April 25, 2020 special "Livestream In Studio Concert Broadcast shows from New York” where I performed my “original songs" went great! This was a “live as it happened in studio broadcast”. I had a special guest visit from Brian who showed up and performed “Lonely Summer Nights” on my 7 P.M. and 10 P.M. shows. We added 374 new email friends to my list of email friends that requested the link so they can watch the shows from home. It was a really good fun time.

       My agent just sold the rights to my song "Out Steppin' In My Old Blue Jeans" I wrote for $25,000 to a company that makes blue jeans for a commercial.

       Brian sent me 4 free passes to attend the "2022" New Year Cruise private party at the Pier Pressure New York New Year’s Eve Fireworks Cruise they had a "Live Swing Band" for dancing, food, open bar and the works including Hotel accommodations. I’ve been going to this event for the past few years and had a great time again this year.

       4/5/2022 Thanks for all the emails regarding my latest video, "Love That You Want". It's might take awhile but I'll be responding to each and every one of them. I've been spending most of the time in the studio. I'm going to be doing a few shows for friends in Connecticut. See below. Joe


         Upcoming "2022" News  

***Connecticut show***

"A Private Rock-A-Billy Livestream Concert” from New York coming soon. A link will be sent "only" to all of Joe's email friends.

***Now On YouTube***

"Love That You Want" video

now on above

"Videos" page and at

Joe Neumann Musician

on YouTube.


2 Enoch 33:9

Give them the books of the handwriting, and they will read them and will know that I am the creator of all things, and will understand how there is no other God but me.

2 Enoch 47:3

For there are many books, and in them you will learn all the Lord's works, all that has been from the beginning of creation, and will be until the end of time. 

2 Enoch 54:1

Let these books, which I have given you, be for an inheritance of your peace in that time that you do not understand things.

Job 1:7

The LORD said to Satan, “Where have you come from?” Then Satan answered the LORD and said, “From roaming about on the earth and walking around on it.”
1 John 5:19

We know that we are of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.

Rev 18:4

I heard another voice from heaven, saying, “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not participate in her sins and receive of her plagues;
Matt 11:28

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.”

Rev. 1:8

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.”

1 Cor. 13:4

Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.
Matthew 5:81

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God".

Acts 4:12

“ And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.”

"Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is One".
“Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord”.
“Jesus The Anointed One”.

All Memorabilia purchases will be used for the purchase of Christian NASB and ESV bibles that will be given to the homeless. See Memorabilia Page to donate.
Thank you!

"The Early Times"

Praise the LORD!
All His angels, all His hosts,
sun, moon, stars of light,
highest heavens,
waters above the heavens,
the earth, sea monsters,
the deeps, fire, hail,
snow, clouds, stormy wind,
mountains, hills,

fruit trees, cedars,
beasts, cattle,
creeping things,
winged fowl, kings,
peoples, princes,
judges, young men,
virgins, old men,
all His godly ones.
Praise the LORD!

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