Wow do I have some news for all my email friends. I was just given actual video recordings footage that was taken during the actual studio recordings from 1981 of my two songs “Love’s Little Heartaches” and "It Can Happen Anytime Of The Day”. The video was taken without anyone knowing about it and was supposed to be given to me after my recording sessions were finished but they forgot to give the video to me. Both of these songs were recorded in one day and it has every minute of everyone that was at the studio and all the excitement of everyone during the recordings. I’m going to send it to everyone on my email list . Keep on the lookout for it. Best, Joe

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For Joe Neumann solo concert bookings entitled “Pages of My Memories”, Joe will be performing original song compositions he has written about his life experiences. Joe is currently working on a complication of his songs. His current album is available "free" to download by going to and enter Joe Neumann. The downloads are totally free and are simple to download. You can listen to them and download the whole album by clicking digital album or you can select individual songs. No red tape or signing in is needed. Joe is also currently performing at concerts throughout New York and Connecticut "solo" and with his "Golden Oldies" backup band the "Big Beat".  Joe has appeared with Bill Haley’s Comets. A video and complete song list can be seen by clicking “Oldies Band Demo” above. Band members are Joe Neumann on guitar & vocals, Joseph on trumpet, Patrick on tenor saxophone, Bucky on drums & vocals, and Greg on bass guitar.

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