1981 performance Joe did at a fund raiser that the Five Satins also did. One of the Satins not shown

1981 newspaper advertisement announcing the release of Joe's two original songs on a 45 vinyl record

Email: neumannjoe@yahoo.com

1982 Joe Neumann & The Tornadoes band. Left to right. Dave (sax, piano, vocals), Ed (upright slap bass), Cindy (drums), Walt (guitar),

Joe (guitar, vocals).



Joe with Tommy Cash 1979 (Johnny Cash's brother)

                                     Joe Neumann & The Tornadoes 2001 

Jim (bass, vocals), Bucky (drums, vocals), Joe (vocals, guitar), Bob (sax) 

1982 Joe Neumann & The Tornadoes at Toads in New Haven, Ct.

Joe's Americas Got Talent Performance Audition Email Below

     Joe's First time in a recording studio recording in 1981 

recording original songs "It Can Happen Anytime Of The Day"

                       and "Love's Little Heartaches"

Joe's First Publicity Photo 1978

                                  Joe Neumann & The Big Beat Band 2010

 Don (bass, vocals), Buck (drums, vocals), Joe (vocals, guitar), John (sax)

Joe's Publicity Photo 1979

Joe's Publicity Photo 1981

1981 Summer concert performance in Bridgeport, Ct. 

Joe autographing some pictures and records for friends

1996 Joe Neumann (vocals, guitar), & the Tornadoes

Bucky (drums, vocals), Chris (bass)

Joe Neumann & the Big Beat "2020"

Joe's June 29, 2019 performance at the New York Central Park Naumburg Bandshell

1981 Joe's Summer Concert in Bridgeport, Ct.


New Haven Connecticut Concert 2019

1982 Joe Neumann & The Tornadoes at Toads in New Haven, Ct.

Another USA collectable record store below that is selling Joe's first 45 record online for $21.06

                                                                              " IN CONCERT 2017 "

          Joseph (Trumpet),       Greg (Bass),       Bucky (Drums, Vocals),       Joe (Guitar, Vocals),       Patrick (Tenor Saxophone)

"1994 Joe Neumann Comeback Year Publicity Photo"

1983 Bottom & right photos. Joe Neumann & The Tornadoes at the Hayloft in Connecticut

Joe's first 45 record is selling online as a collectible in the UK. See below. 

1995 Joe at a New York Summer

Concert performance

Joe's Central Park Concert In New York 1997

1981. Joe's two songs that were released on a 45 vinyl

Joe performing at the Klein Memorial 1979 in Bridgeport, Ct.

1995 Joe playing in front of Capitol Records in New York